Wake Angels are a type of a xeno race that live in the vacuum of space.They are often seen within the clouds of nebulae and planet rings due to the energy waves that are present. Wake Angels have been known to follow ships similar to the behaviour of Earth dolphins.

Appearance and BehaviourEdit

The Wake Angels bear a resemblance to an Earth stingray, with a transparent fluid-like appearance similar to a jellyfish. They are able to move freely through space, and do not require oxygen to live.

Usually seen in flocks, the Wake Angels follow passing spaceships, even imitating their flight patterns. Cale Tucker and Joseph Korso encounter a group while passing the gas rings of a nearby planet while on the way to New Bangkok, and Korso allows Cale to give the Valkyrie a quick joyride while playfully giving the Wake Angels something to chase.

The Wake Angels' call is similar to the sound of a whale.

Mythology and SuperstitionEdit

According to folklore, an encounter with a group of Wake Angels is considered a sign of good luck.