Overview Edit

Warp One, Akima! ENGAGE!

A scene of the Valkyrie engaging her warp drive.

The Valkyrie is a starship commanded by Joseph Korso.

The ship was originally used as a freight and cargo transporter. The ship has now become the permanent home for former military officer Joseph Korso, after the destruction of Earth in 3028.

In stark contrast to the neglected, unkept ships of many post-Earth surviving humans, the Valkyrie has a much more pristine appearance.

Features Edit

Valkyrie's long main hull is bracketed by two banks containing three impulse nacelles each, and ends in a larger warp nacelle. The warp effect appears to consist of the nacelle pushing on the very fabric of space and letting it spring back, thus shooting the ship across vast distances in minutes.

Valkyrie's interior is separated into four separate areas, the control deck at the front, habitation decks in the lower decks of the middle section, a medical bay in the upper-middle section adjacent to the ship's entrance, and a cargo hold.

The Valkyrie is also equipped with two laser cannons, a radar system, a drink dispenser, and a holographic 3D star map created by navigator Gune.

Valkyrie also houses a smaller craft, used for on-world transportation.

Crew Edit

The ship is captained by Joseph Korso, followed by his Akrennian first officer, Preed. Akima Kunimoto is the pilot of the ship. Grepoan native Gune is the ship's navigator and scientist. The Sogowan Mantrin Stith is the tactical officer and weapons expert.

The crew are later joined by Cale Tucker, who serves as a guide to finding the Titan.