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This wiki is dedicated to the Don Bluth film Titan AE.

This wiki contains a wealth of information following the Titan AE fictional universe. You can read about the expanded adventures of Cale Tucker, Akima Kunimoto and Joseph Korso as this wiki contains information from the Titan AE film, comic books and novels.

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Like the Earth's inhabitants after the Drej attack, Titan AE's fans have spread to obscurity over the last fifteen years. Could the film expect a cult resurgence now that Don Bluth has returned to filmmaking? Likely. Could we expect sequels or a continuation of the story? Probably unlikely.

But if you are an unashamed hardcore fan of the Titan AE universe, please feel free to contribute to this wiki. We aim to make this site an information database of the Titan AE universe, and a meeting place (a "Planet Bob" of sorts?) for all Titan AE fans.

All contributions must be Titan AE-related ONLY. No irrelevant or obscene articles. The Drej are watching your every keystroke.

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