The Gaoul are an alien species from the planet Sesharrim.


The leader of the Gaoul

Overview Edit

The Gaoul are the natives of Sesharrim. They are an ancient winged sapiens race with the appearance of bats, or human pterosaurs. They are incapable of Human speech, but communicate with each other and with other Humans through actions and sounds. The Gaoul have three pairs of limbs - a set of arms, a set of legs and a pair of wings, the latter making them capable of long-distance flight and also act as a body-covering cloak. Their feet are also capable of grappling and carrying large objects or people (including Humans, other Gaoul or other creatures) while flying.

The Gaoul are reclusive, hiding in the rocky caverns of Sesharrim and rarely venture outdoors. Their existence is not widely known by the other species of the Spiral Arm.

According to Sam Tucker, the Gaoul are one of the most advanced and intelligent species in the Spiral Arm. They were one of the few races that were allied with humanity and believed in their potential before and after the Drej attack of 3028 AD. It was through the Gaoul that Sam Tucker learned how to develop the terraforming technology that would eventuate into the Titan project.

The Gaoul were also faithful assistants to Cale Tucker and Korso's crew during their quest to find the Titan, after noticing the Titan's map generated by Sam Tucker's ring. They defended the crew until the bitter end, flying them to safety when the Drej arrived on Sesharrim.

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Titan AE

Titan AE - Sam's Story